Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Skills Do Employers Say They Want? - Monica Herk, Committee for Economic Development

What Burning Glass study adds is the size of their dataset – nearly 25 million job listings – and the timeliness of their data. What’s interesting about Burning Glass’s list is that there is some overlap between the list of “most important” essential skills (in blue) and the “hardest to hire” skills (in red), but not complete overlap. Five of the top ten hardest-to-hire skills – supervisory skills, mathematics, presentation skills, project management, and time management – don’t appear in the top 10 of most important skills (those most frequently mentioned in the online job ads). This is consistent with our finding from our CED Member survey this past fall—although the skills that rose to the top of the CED list differ somewhat from those in the Burning Glass report.

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