Saturday, December 12, 2015

UNH wraps up online course on New Hampshire primary - HOLLY RAMER, Associated Press

Saturday was the last day for those seeking a completion certificate or continuing education credit to finish the course’s 13 quizzes, but the material itself will remain available online. That includes video lectures by professors Andrew Smith and Dante Scala that explore how and why New Hampshire rose to its prominent position in the nominating calendar, the art of organizing and campaigning in New Hampshire, and the political landscape heading into the 2016 contest. A series of videos called “Faces of the Primary” introduced students to grassroots activists, campaign strategists and journalists who’ve played key roles over the years. “We could’ve done twice as much and still be going and not have covered everything about the primary, but I think we were able to cover all of the major points,” said Smith, a political science professor and director of the UNH Survey Center. “We gave people a sense of the history, and also gave people a sense of the political science of the primary.”

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