Saturday, October 24, 2015

Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Pursue An MBA? - Kallen Diggs, Huffington Post

Many people have debated whether a college education is necessary to be a success. The education industry is changing and also reforming the beliefs that many once had about college. On average, millennials are taking six years to get their bachelor's degree instead of four years. What does that mean for MBA students? Many people believe that an MBA can be a good requisite for entrepreneurs. However, most of us know that many people have become amazing entrepreneurs without an MBA degree. So, the question remains: Should millennial entrepreneurs pursue an MBA?Recently, the University of Illinois made their MBA courses available for free through the online education platform, Coursera. It can be a great opportunity for people to earn some credentials, which may be helpful as entrepreneurs. Students who are interested in getting the actual MBA degree need to apply for admission and pay about $20,000 in tuition. Paying $20,000 is quite a deal when you consider the average cost of an MBA.

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