Tuesday, October 20, 2015

REFUGEE CAMP GRADS - Melinda Rogers, University of Utah

Gerawork Teferra fled to Kakuma, Kenya, from his native Ethiopia with nothing but desperation. He joined thousands of refugees from neighboring African nations, most who had traveled hundreds of miles to reach the safety of a refugee camp far from violence, religious persecution and starvation in the places they’d once called home. He took an opportunity to become a secondary teacher and also enrolled in a new online program, developed by the University of Utah College of Social Work, designed to train individuals living and working in refugee camps to provide care and services to other camp residents. Teferra is among the first group of students who graduated on Oct. 12 from the new Case Management Certificate program, where he’s learned skills to better serve refugee populations. http://attheu.utah.edu/facultystaff/refugee-camp-grads/

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