Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Personalization at Scale: Using Metrics to Improve the Student Experience - Elizabeth Mulherrin, Evolllution

Institutions can improve their engagement with adult students by focusing on collecting and analyzing data analytics, which in turn can have a significant impact on student outcomes and success. The first installment of this series, Personalization at Scale: Two Institutional Journeys, described the similarities and differences between two adult-serving online institutions, and the organizational capacity for leveraging data and technology to support learners. UMUC and Capella are continuously exploring how data analytics can identify and support learners’ needs, especially in the first term, to set them up for success. Both UMUC and Capella use internally developed and third-party tools as part of this process, and both also leverage the learning management systems (LMS) that their institutions use to deliver orientation and similar courses. By using the same LMS that is used for academic courses, learners have the opportunity to become familiar with the technology that they will use throughout their degree program.

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