Wednesday, September 23, 2015

EdCast Launches New Interactive Learning Platform To Bridge Formal And Informal Learning - Jonathan Shieber, Tech Crunch

With an eye toward building what EdCast chief executive Karl Mehta calls “the next big social media company,” his company has launched a new interactive platform with the help of some titans of media, technology and finance. “We know we are building something that will be worth $20 billion,” says Mehta of his education startup. The goal, as he sees it, is nothing less than the transformation of learning through a blend of online classes (formal education) with bite-sized tutorials with real practitioners and specialists in certain fields (informal learning). The new 10 Minute Insight Series, which the company launched today, is a key part of that project, says Mehta. “There is not a single social media site that’s focused on knowledge networking,” says Mehta. “Everybody needs to learn every day in a social way. We are building knowledge networking.”

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