Sunday, August 9, 2015

With increased video use comes greater copyright concerns for higher ed - Tara García Mathewson, Education Dive

Google provides a quick and easy way to search for images, taking just tenths of a second to return millions of results. A person could spend less than a minute thinking of an image, searching for it, and then copying it into a presentation or a video project. But someone photographed that image, and just like scholarly text should be properly cited, so too should digital content be fairly sourced. Copyright issues get less attention than they should among colleges and universities, which are becoming increasingly saturated with video in academics and beyond. Hundreds of individuals on any given campus produce video, often adding graphics, still photos, audio soundtracks, and stock video clips to round out their own footage. In many cases, they follow all the rules, but too often, they do not. Raul Burriel, an information technology consultant at Oregon State University, calls it a question of education.

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