Thursday, August 13, 2015

Want To Be A Game Developer? This Course Lets You Pay Whatever You Want - Jan Dizon, Tech Times

If you've ever wanted to develop your own games but have been held back because you lack the coding skills to turn your dreams into a reality, now's your chance to change that. The Next Web is offering a Game Development online course to help you get the knowlege and skills needed to create your very own game - and to top it all off, you only pay what you want for the entire course bundle! The courses included in the Game Development Bundle are 'Game Development for Non-Coders' valued at $128, 'Unity 3D Game Developing and Design' originally priced at $225, and 'HTML5 App and Game Development' for $186. However, under the Pay What You Want deal, you can pay absolutely whatever you want (provided that the amount is more than $1).

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