Saturday, August 29, 2015

Campuses transition to the ‘Internet of Things' - Travis Seekins, University Business

Human-to human communications have been the bedrock of our lives. More recently, machine-to-machine streaming has become a dominant and often disruptive dance partner in the communication landscape. And now we are glimpsing a world where human-to-machine links culminate in one seamlessly orchestrated waltz. Imagine smart sensors embedded in the school parking garage, alerting you to a much coveted, and now suddenly available, spot right by your office. Real-time, actionable data will help schools know exactly when to service equipment and achieve savings from the most optimal use of facilities and energy. Smart doors and security cameras will know when to open, shut, lock and monitor movement through a space. The mobile devices flooding campuses today are the first wave of an era of interconnected devices, aptly named the Internet of Things, or IoT. By tapping into the data transmitted by inanimate objects around us, schools can achieve greater revenue and value by moving away from transactional interactions with students, staff, providers and assets.

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