Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Learners Really Want - Todd Tauber, Chief Learning Officer

Everyone knows most learning happens beyond the classroom walls and outside learning management systems. But new research shows just how much — and the data are startling. In the past year, learning technology company Degreed conducted two separate surveys that show workers spend four to five times more time on self-directed learning than on internal or external learning offerings (Editor’s note: The author works for Degreed). They invest more than 14 hours a month, on average, learning on their own but just two to three hours on employer-provided learning. Learners want easier and faster access to answers. Degreed found almost 70 percent of workers say the first thing they do when they need to learn something for their jobs is Google it, then read or watch what they find. About 42 percent look for a live or online course, but they do it on their own. These are mature adults. They have a good idea what they need. http://www.clomedia.com/articles/6358-what-learners-really-want

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