Thursday, July 23, 2015

“How Music Got Free” - Implications for Higher Ed? - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

What is so great about How Music Got Free is that Witt takes us into the minds of the people running the record company’s. (And very deeply into the mind of Doug Morris, the guy who ran Universal Music Group). Perhaps no group of executives have ever been less prepared for the digital economy than the record executives. (Although newspaper people - and maybe even higher ed folks - may argue with that assertion). Even if the music industry honchos had understood the new digital world, it is not clear to Witt that they could have done much differently.... Today’s successful musician will make most of their money from touring, not music sales. How Music Got Free offers an insiders guide to the demise, and possible reinvention, of an industry. When will someone like Stephen Witt turn their attention to higher education? What should us higher ed incumbents learn from the story of the record industry?

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