Thursday, July 2, 2015

Boot camp classes may offer a peek at the future of higher ed - Bob Sullivan, CNBC

Udacity has abandoned the idea of giving classes away to huge numbers of people in favor of "nanodegrees"—boot-camp style, short-term programs with a laser-like focus on preparing students for a career. Nanodegree subjects include Web developer, Android developer, iOS developer ... you get the picture. What you don't get is a huge student loan debt. Udacity classes start at $1,200 for a six-month program. "Our form factor, delivery over the Web and mobile, makes it very affordable. And we've decided to do that away from the traditional university system," Makhijani said. The school has also added an Uber-like version of peer reviews, digital age teaching assistants, which lets students grab virtual roving experts and get one-on-one feedback that was sorely missing from initial MOOCs.

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