Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coursera, Apple, and the Future of Global Higher Education - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Will anyone in leadership roles at Apple, Google (or Microsoft) develop the vision to understand that education is the business of the 21st century? Apple might privilege the Coursera experience on iOS (and through an app), but Apple would not abandon the Web and other mobile OS platforms. It would be in Apple’s benefit for Coursera to be as widely adopted as possible - a goal that means having Coursera continue to work through the browser and Android apps. Offering a premium experience in iOS would be incentive for Coursera learners to upgrade to an iPhone. We could make the somewhat different arguments for Google to buy Coursera. The reason for Google to buy Coursera wouldn’t be to sell more hardware, but to get more data. (ED NOTE: Joshua Kim will be speaking about The Nexus of Professional Development and Online Learning: What’s Ahead? at the UPCEA Online Leadership Roundtable in Boston on Thursday).

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