Friday, May 22, 2015

Professional Development on a Ph.D.'s Schedule - Thomas Magaldi, Inside Higher Ed

One challenge to the graduate school and postdoc experience is that Ph.D.s become focused on a niche topic, which can lead to intellectual stagnation. A great way to stimulate your brain and overcome complacency with a specific topic is to take challenging courses in new and exciting fields. Fortunately, the rapid emergence of online education provides a perfect solution for busy Ph.D.s who wish to take new and interesting courses. Many online courses are free, which is perfect for a ramen noodle budget. They are also flexible, allowing students to view lectures at their own leisure. Some of the skills that you might develop by taking courses online might include computer programming, foreign language, finance and statistics. Taking a course will not only help you build skills for your next career, but may also bring a unique perspective to your research.

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