Thursday, May 14, 2015

Has the Flipped Classroom Already Become the Norm? - Panopto

Just eight years after the first example of a flipped classroom, the 2015 NMC Horizon Report has named the flipped classroom as one of the most important developments in educational technology for higher education, and lists the technology supporting the concept on a “one year or less” time to adoption horizon. Why so soon? Because, as the report notes, for most academic institutions, the flipped classroom is already here. The report cites the Center for Digital Education’s survey of higher education instructors, which found: 29% of faculty were using the flipped classroom, and Another 27% of faculty reported planned to utilize the flipped classroom within a year In other words, already nearly one in three educators are flipping their classes. And by this time next year, more than half of all teachers will have flipped a course. No other technology strategy meant to provide students with a personalized learning experience comes close.

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