Saturday, May 9, 2015

CMU's Tepper Online Hybrid MBA: Equivalent to Onsite - Mary Grush, Campus Technology

Can an institution's new online offerings match the quality it has established over the years in its onsite programs? At CMU's Tepper School of Business, the Online Hybrid MBA is designed to be equivalent to its on-campus MBA programs. CT talked with Bob Monroe, Director of the Online Hybrid MBA, to find out how Tepper crafts its Online Hybrid MBA to offer the same education as its highly regarded onsite MBA programs. Monroe says "Identical" is a bit of a tricky word. There are things that really are identical: the core curriculum — the classes that you need to take are the same across any of the formats in which we offer our MBA; the professors teaching — typically the person that is teaching the online hybrid class will also be teaching an onsite version of the same class; the material covered and the mastery expected — the standards to pass or to get an 'A' are the same from one delivery format of the class to the other. But we like to think of the online hybrid format as "equivalent" to the onsite formats — or possibly "interchangeable" would be a better term.

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