Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Reasons Why I Finally Said Yes to a Twitter Chat - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Are you planning on participating in the UPCEA #HigherEdAhead Twitter Chat today (Wednesday, 5/27) at 2:00pm EST? The topic - Balancing the Urgency of Revenue Performance with Mission and Quality Online Imperatives: What's Ahead? See:
A special thanks to Josh Kim of Dartmouth College for his kind words this blog post. It is JOSH KIM who is one of the key reasons YOU should attend this Twitter Chat. His ever-thoughtful blog postings at Inside Higher Ed are daily reminders to leaders in this field of how we may best pursue our careers with integrity and energy while keeping a steady course set on advancing and advocating quality higher education for our students.
"See" you at the Chat where Josh will join me and our great colleagues Blackboard's Katie Blot, Berklee College of Music's Debbie Cavalier and edX's Lee Rubenstein joining all of you in discussing some of the key issues confronting higher ed today! -Ray

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