Monday, April 13, 2015

3,118 applicants accepted as freshmen by University of Florida, Gainesville required to take first year online - SOPHIE JANE EVANS, Daily Mail

More than 3,000 students are facing an unexpected decision after they received acceptance notices from the University of Florida - only to find they would have to spend a year taking online classes. The 3,118 unidentified applicants were presumably delighted when they were accepted as freshmen by the university in Gainesville for the fall after sending in applications for traditional first-year slots. But after reading their congratulations notices, they apparently realized they would need to agree to spend their entire first year taking classes on the Internet in order to attend the public college. The classes are part of a new program - the Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE) - which started in 2015 and aims to accommodate a higher number of students, The Washington Post reported.

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