Monday, March 9, 2015

Online MBAs Match The Campus Model - Nick Morrison, Forbes

Advances in distance learning have elevated the status of the online MBA, and for some, the chance to learn while you work even means it is stealing a march on the campus model. Most business schools now offer an online version of their MBA, but while in the past this would have been a shadow of the campus model, it is getting increasingly difficult to tell them apart. At Warwick Business School in the U.K., ranked second in the world for online MBA courses by the Financial Times, the average online student has 12 years of work behind them. And that means they have a wealth of experience to draw upon during the course, according to Nigel Pye, assistant dean for the executive masters’ programs. But there is one area where online learners may even be at an advantage. Most students taking online MBAs combine their study with employment, and while they toil into the night on their books, their day job provides them with a ready-made testing ground.

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