Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Microsoft is taking you back to school -- free online courses through edX! - Brian Fagioli, Beta News

Microsoft is partnering with edX to offer courses taught by its employees and experts. The best part? Most of them are free! "Taught by Microsoft experts, these first courses focused on in-demand skills feature interactive coding, assessments, and exercises, and are now open for enrollment. Anders Hejlsberg, technical fellow at Microsoft, will co-teach Introduction to TypeScript; with Introduction to Bootstrap, students will learn a popular front-end web development framework; Programming with C# will help learners gain expertise in a widely used programming language for .NET; additional courses in fast-growing technologies such as cloud computing, data platforms, and Office 365 are also available on Students can enroll in Microsoft courses for free or obtain a verified certificate for a fee. Enrollment is open, with courses beginning at the end of March", says edX.

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