Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to get an MBA education for less than $1,000 - Lauren Everitt, Forbes

Laurie Pickard started her journey in August 2013 and planned to complete 16 courses over two to three years. Now, a little more than halfway in, she’s completed 20 courses, exceeded the MBA curriculum, and can “graduate” at any time. However, she has no intention of stopping now. “I have to keep my finger on the pulse and keep my skills fresh,” she says. She also has no plans to leave her current job as a development and entrepreneurship specialist at USAID. “I just see this [MOOCs] as a totally new field, and I want to be in it,” she says. Pickard plans to offer a No-Pay MBA community and support package, including a handbook, a regularly updated course guide, a course checklist, support networks, a digital credential, and a web presence where No-Pay MBAs can present their work to potential employers. Pickard plans to launch the program in June 2015 with a tiered pricing structure.

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