Wednesday, February 25, 2015

With Deregulatory Slant, A Higher Ed Act Push - Michael Stratford, Inside Higher Ed

Senator Lamar Alexander on Tuesday committed to finishing a rewrite of the Higher Education Act by the end of this year as he backed a plan written by colleges and universities to roll back federal requirements on higher education. A key priority for Alexander in renewing the massive law that governs colleges and universities is reducing federal red tape in higher education that “should be an embarrassment to all of us in the federal government.” North Carolina's Virginia Foxx, the Republican representative who oversees higher ed on the House education committee introduced a measure that would stop the Obama administration’s regulations (or proposed rules) governing for-profit colleges, teacher preparation programs, the definition of a credit hour and state oversight of colleges that operate across state lines. It would also prohibit the administration from developing its college ratings system. The American Council on Education, said in a letter Monday that it backs the legislation.

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