Monday, February 23, 2015

ACE and Blackboard Unveil Research on Alternative Pathways to Degree Completion - the American Council on Education

The first paper is "Credit for Prior Learning: Charting Institutional Practice for Sustainability," which identifies and addresses some of the cultural barriers and successful strategies to institutions incorporating CPL. Interviews with leaders and practitioners from a diverse group of seven institutions located across the U.S. offer insights into common challenges, successful strategies and innovative CPL practices. "Embracing CPL initiatives means first acknowledging that college-level learning can occur outside the traditional classroom setting," said Soares. "For many institutions, this requires a shift in thinking from how credit has been awarded historically." The second paper is "The Currency of Higher Education: Credits and Competencies," which explores the challenges in adapting the traditional credit hour to an information-age economy that relies on greater flexibility and productivity. Credits and competencies both reflect important structures of value for diverse stakeholders: government agencies, educational leaders and administrators, faculty, assessors, students and employ

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