Thursday, March 30, 2017

U Northern Colorado Nursing professors research civility in online learning - Trevor Reid, Greeley Tribune

Participants reported agreement with a set of behaviors as to how disruptive they were, and how often they occurred in the last year. Faculty and students report incivility as a generally mild problem at UNC, but that uncivil behaviors were committed by both faculty and students. There was widespread agreement on definitions of egregious behavior — such as name calling, racial slurs, plagiarism/cheating or lack of timely responses from students or faculty. Those surveyed agreed these behaviors were disruptive to learning, and that they were relatively rare. However, there was a disconnect between what faculty and students perceived to be more subtle "uncivil" behavior. Students ranked behavior such as changes to a syllabus or assignment, or not providing helpful feedback on an assignment, as uncivil.

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