Saturday, March 18, 2017

Microsoft's HoloLens: How these surgeons can now voyage around patients' organs - Stig Øyvann, ZD Net

The Intervention Centre has been working on combining data from such 2D slices into a 3D model for more than a decade. Using a method called picture segmentation, the relevant sections are extracted from the scans and used to form a 3D model of, for instance, a liver with a tumor and its surrounding blood vessels. Until now, these models have been presented to the surgeons in two dimensions on computer monitors, but now they have been prepared for visualization and interaction by surgeons wearing the HoloLens. The work so far has been focused on working with liver cancer patients, as well as with children and adults with heart conditions. When treating a liver cancer, one of the results of the new technique is that more of the healthy liver tissue can be left behind, which should increase the patients' ability to withstand more surgery in the course of their treatment, according to Bjørn Edwin, surgeon at Oslo University Hospital.

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