Tuesday, February 7, 2017

As cost of higher education soars, online learning emerges as most viable solution - Aditya Malik, Financial Express

Technology has virtually touched almost every aspect of our lives today, and education is no exception. Disruptive innovation in the form of online learning is a catalyst to bring about a more equitable approach to high-quality education. Today’s generation is on a constant lookout to acquire new skills. Students are undertaking courses that enhance their learning and development according to their immediate needs, while leaving a window open to change their calling with online courses. Conservation of hours and money enables them to learn with a purpose and instils a sense of self-belief in them, creating a tangible impact in their professional life. Working executives are keen on embracing change, by increasingly choosing online certificate courses and programmes that enable them to acquire new skills and competencies to enhance their vocation. http://www.financialexpress.com/jobs/as-cost-of-higher-education-soars-online-learning-emerges-as-most-viable-solution/509326/

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