Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump's Choice for Education Secretary - Andrew Kreighbaum, Inside Higher Ed

President-elect Donald Trump's pick of the Michigan school choice activist Betsy DeVos as his education secretary drew praise from many conservatives and criticism from liberal groups and teachers' unions, who said the selection signaled intentions to privatize education. Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities is familiar with the DeVos family. He said DeVos has been interested in making sure low-income students have an opportunity for good education and positive outcomes."My assumption is that those themes of interest in opportunity and accountability would be a major interest of hers in higher education," McPherson said. House Ed Committee Chair Lamar Alexander said he looked forward to working with DeVos on a reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, which he called an opportunity to clear out a "jungle of red tape" in the sector.

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