Thursday, October 27, 2016

Online instructor creates rich learning environment - IU Kokomo

How do you take an online class on a field trip? Stanley, visiting lecturer in health care management, creates and teaches online classes for one of Indiana University Kokomo’s newest programs, the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.). Though her classes don’t meet on campus, she wants her students to connect with her and with one another, and to experience the high-quality instruction expected from an IU degree. “When we’re connected, and have trust, they’re willing to take more chances,” she said. “Their papers are richer, and their responses are richer. Some people have the idea that an online class is like a correspondence course. It’s not just power points, a webpage, and a textbook. My online classes are interactive. I want students to feel comfortable reaching out and asking questions. If they’re intimidated or unsure of me, they will avoid making contact. Part of that effort includes virtual field trips.

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