Wednesday, October 5, 2016

California Community College District prepares for online course exchange - Lorenzo Morotti, CCC Advocate

A statewide network of online courses for students is being developed by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office for the 2018 spring semester. The Online Education Initiative Program Director Steve Klein said the course exchange program is still in the 24-college pilot phase and the Steering Committee is currently identifying the required criteria a college would need to meet to join the network. “Students have always taken courses at multiple colleges,” Klein said. “That is not new. What is new is the opportunity for a college to be strategic about the courses they offer in light of the opportunity that the course exchange is providing — it just has never happened before in our education system.” OEI’s course exchange intends to reduce the time it takes for students to achieve their transfer goals by creating a platform that would allow students to enroll in a fully-online course offered at any college in the online network, statewide.

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