Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Connect with Fellow Students in An Online Course - Danielle Wirsansky, ULoop

As soon as your online course begins, try reaching out. Begin building a community from the get-go. It will be much easier to do and the other students will be much more receptive to it if you start at the beginning. Make interactions with your fellow online classmates a habit so that when you actually need their assistance, you already have a support system in place. If you wait until the last minute, when it is an emergency and you really need someone’s assistance, it might be too late. No one might be interested in or willing to help you when you really need it. You might not need any help like that at all, but why take a chance? Be prepared for what might happen. And if someone else needs help, help them! Give them the help that you would want to receive if you were in their situation. What you give is what you will get.

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