Thursday, April 14, 2016

Govt needs to look at online learning for skills shortage, says expert - SHANNON WILLIAMS, IT Brief

ALISON founder Mike Feerick says global inequality and the skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing governments, and free online education is one of the most powerful modern tools available to address it. However, he says governments and advisors are looking in the wrong places for answers, and asking the wrong people for solutions. “We have been stopping people from educating themselves, and stopping those who can teach from having a wider impact,” Feerick explains. Speaking at SXSW in Texas, Feerick says there are three policies that governments could implement to radically propel online learning for all societies. “Firstly, governments could mandate that free online informal learning becomes an integral part of any hiring decisions across public and semi-state recruitment,” he says. “It would comprehensively deliver the message that free online lifelong learning is important, relevant and valued.”

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