Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sharing a New Way to Collaborate and Communicate - David Raths, Campus Technology

Wayne State University is looking to expand the reach of its communication-focused Academica portal to other campuses. Two years ago, Wayne State University (MI) embarked on an effort to reimagine its campus portal, implementing a new platform focused on real-time, two-way communication and better anticipating users' needs. (See our August 2014 feature on that initial rollout: "Rethinking the Campus Web Portal.") Developed in-house, the Academica portal offers single sign-on as an authenticated front door to applications, and is designed from the ground up to work on any mobile device. But first and foremost it is a social networking platform that enhances and enables collaboration. At the core of the social networking aspect of Academica is what Wayne State calls "message streams," which operate like a Facebook wall or a Twitter hashtag.

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