Sunday, November 8, 2015

Udacity, Online School From Google X Founder, Crosses Milestone After Switching Direction - Mark Bergen, Re/Code

Udacity now concentrates on “nanodegrees,” certificates from its online courses that are transferable to big-name tech companies. Udacity announced it has graduated 1,000 students from the program. Why did Sebastian Thrun give up on self-driving cars and Google Glass, which he once led, for the messy, political world of education? It was “a calling,” he told Re/code in an interview earlier this year. Perhaps, also, the minds behind the economic shift toward artificial intelligence know best the technical skills it will demand, and the job displacement it will bring. “I direct my work not towards what I’m best at, but where there’s impact,” Thrun said. “If you can build a self-driving car, that’s great. But if you can teach people to build a self-driving car, that’s even better.”

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