Saturday, September 12, 2015

Can MOOCs make the grade for federal training? - Bianca Spinosa, FCW

So given the increasing demand for workers with cybersecurity and data analytics skills, could MOOCs be one of the keys to federal training needs? Ryan Corey believes they can help. Corey has been in the cybersecurity field for 13 years, and in January, he co-founded Cybrary, a company that offers free courses on a range of cyber skills. Corey said he launched Cybrary in part because he thinks people — and federal workers in particular — shouldn’t have to pay big bucks for IT and cybersecurity training and because it was clear that cyber skills should be more broadly distributed. To stay afloat without charging tuition, Cybrary relies on advertising and fees students must pay if they want certificates of completion. The company also offers an enterprise platform that teaches compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act and end-user security awareness training for organizations. He has even turned to Kickstarter for funding.

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