Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Coursera’s Andrew Ng: How MOOCs Are Taking Local Knowledge Global - Association of MBA's

I think MOOCs allow universities to take their great content and project it onto a larger audience than they ever did before.  Twitter Perhaps not surprisingly, this allows universities to reach a much larger, much more diverse audience than has ever been possible. I think this knowledge is so radical in everyday society and most people on the planet will never have access to an on campus walk-in class. I kicked off a Coursera founders’ conference by telling the story of one of the students, a baker in Bangladesh. She took Coursera courses — including a microeconomics class from the University of Pennsylvania and model thinking from the University of Michigan — and learned how to run a business. I showed her statements of accomplishments using her verified certificates on the big screen at the Coursera founders’ conference. Here was a woman who could never attend classes in her city, but today she credits part of her success to Coursera courses.

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