Saturday, June 6, 2015

Online 'Mindset' Interventions Help Students do Better in School - Clifton Parker, Tomorrow's Professor

Stanford researchers say that brief online interventions can raise student achievement at low cost.Stanford researchers have found that brief web-based interventions with high school students can produce big results in their schoolwork and their appreciation of a positive, purposeful mindset. "Two interventions, each lasting about 45 minutes and delivered online, raised achievement in a large and diverse group of underperforming students over an academic semester," wrote Gregory Walton, an assistant professor of psychology at Stanford, along with his colleagues. In the United States, a debate exists over how to raise student achievement, especially among those who struggle in the classroom. Now, the Stanford researchers say that it may be possible, through brief, online interventions, to improve not only the academic achievement of vast numbers of students but their future lives as well - at extremely affordable costs.

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